Speckle Park

In 2011 Minnamurra decided to establish a commercial herd of the relatively new Speckle Park cattle after witnessing the success the breed was achieving in Canada.Developed from two ancient 17th century range cattle, Teeswater Shorthorn and White Park, both breeds have been skilfully interbred over the last fifty years in Canada to produce a high yielding animal with fine textured meat. Speckle Park has a breed-unique trait of high intramuscular fat without excess marbling – when cooked this largely dissipates leaving a highly flavoursome, tender and healthy meat to eat.In the past twelve years the Speckle Park breed has won the renowned Calgary Stampede Carcass Competition and the Stampede Taste and Tenderness Test seven times. In 2011 Speckle Park not only won Grand Champion, but placed seven times in the Top Ten Carcasses, a feat never before achieved in the 100 year history of the Stampede.Minnamurra is progressively converting its northern Angus herd of 6,500 breeders to Speckle Park using a combination of natural joining and artificial insemination. All the benefits of the breed come out in the first cross, so Minnamurra is now able to supply large lines of Speckle Park first cross cattle to a consistently high standard.

To benchmark the performance of their cattle against other breeds Minnamurra entered the 2015 Beef Spectacular Feedback Trial with 4 pens of Speckle Park / Angus cross steers. Out of 95 teams, Minnamurra placed 3rd, 8th and 10th overall, 3rd and 4th for feedlot performance and 1st, 2nd and 3rd and 8th in the carcase competition. A ringing endorsement for the productive capacity and meat quality of the breed. Their success was repeated again in 2016 when their Speckle Park / Angus cross steers won the Riverine Premium Beef champion pen, with first place in the carcase competition.

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