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Cortina is home to the Minnamurra Angus herd, situated 50 km east of Mudgee NSW, around the village of Wollar. It is made up of an aggregation of 7 properties; Cortina, Wollara Downs, Springvale, Tralee, Wandoona, Barigan and Tichular.Nestled in 3 valleys on the western side of the divide, it covers an area of 11,000 hectares of improved pastures watered by the Wollar creek and the Goulburn River, with a reliable rainfall of 650m per annum.It is prime fattening country and the herd is scientifically managed using time controlled grazing to maximise pasture growth and atmospheric carbon stored in the soil. In combination with the selective breeding program to continually improve feed conversion. Minnamurra is committed to an ecological sustainable future.

Manager: Glenn Frazer
4602 Wollar Rd
Wollar NSW 2850
ph: (02) 6373-4254
mob: 0427 680 616
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