2015 Feedback Trial

Carcase 900325C

                                One of the top ranked Minnamurra carcases

Minnamurra entered the 2015 Beef Spectacular Feedback Trial with 4 pens of Speckle Park / Angus cross steers. Out of the 95 teams entered, Minnamurra’s 4 teams placed

  • 3rd, 8th and 10th overall,
  • 3rd and 4th for feedlot performance
  • 1st 2nd and 3rd and 8th in the carcase competition.
    A ringing endorsement for the productive capacity and meat quality of the breed.

The average weight gain across Minnamurra’s twenty steers was 2.53 kg/day, with the highest being 3.41 kg/day, which was the highest weight gain out of the 500 steers entered.

The carcases ranged from 69% to 71% saleable meat yield. Although no prizes were awarded for profitability, ultimately this is the most important benchmark for a commercial cattle operation, and Minnamurra’s top 3 pens came 1st, 2nd & 3rd in profitability, with a team profit across the 3 pens of $742.39 over and above the average achieved by all trial teams.

These results were truly remarkable for the breed, given that Minnamurra had entered the completion mainly for feedback on the progress of their Speckled cross cattle and had picked a representative batch to benchmark, not their lead steers.

Read the full results: Pen1 Pen2 Pen3 Pen4 .

Speckle Park has a breed-unique trait of high intramuscular fat without excess marbling — when cooked this largely dissipates leaving a highly flavoursome, tender and healthy meat to eat. Importantly, all the benefits of the breed come out in the first cross, so Speckle Park bulls put quality and performance into a herd.

“We did not have one sick or dead beast from this lot. Our Feedlot Team Leader said these were some of the best cattle that he has fed in a long time” – Nolan’s Meats, Gympie, commenting on the 163 first cross Minnamurra steers they purchased in December 2014 on AuctionsPlus and fed for 110 days.

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