Bulls For Sale

Quality young purebred Speckle Park bulls available for $4,000

Less for volume buys. 17 to 18 months of age.
All with veterinary checks and up to date health protocols.

The ideal paddock bulls by proven sires to improve dressing percentages, carcase traits and meat eating quality.
Add value to your herd with MPC Speckle genetics!

(Click on the bulls name to view their video)

Putnam 61Y x Codiak Good Golly 11U
MPC PATTON P10 (registered)
Oh My Gosh 60A x JKH 7W
MPC PELE P12 (registered)
Oh My Gosh 60A x GNK Belinda 66A
MPC PEARSON P23 (registered)
Anchor E229 x MPC Lightning Lady H2
MPC PRECEPTOR P86 (unregistered)

Enquiries: Dennis Power 0427 734 254 or Andrew Hosken 0429 657 765

Drought Feeding

Like all cattle breeders across this country, we have faced drought conditions over the last eighteen months, but one positive outcome for us is that it has proven what good-doers these Speckle Park cattle are. They are excellent foragers, and in spite of the harsh conditions, our cows are still carrying condition and raising their calves. The 600kg lactating cows you see in these photos on the right are on a supplimentary ration of 1.5 litres of Molafos per head per day mixed with 6.5kg of hay – only 8kg per day of suppliments and they are fat and their calves are sappy!
It’s as though the drought has brought the characteristics of the breed to the fore and has just added to our conviction that Speckles will have a real place in the Australian herd in the future.