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Minnamurra Speckle Park Cattle

Bred for Quality & Performance


Easy doing Speckle Park cattle suited to Australian conditions for the commercial cattle breeder.  

Minnamurra bulls are ideal for crossbred herds to improve dressing percentages, carcase traits and meat eating quality.


See the Proof in our Performance Results
The Minnamurra Story

Minnamurra Pastoral Company was established in 1974 by Bruce Reid in the Mudgee district of NSW running Hereford commercial cattle and the Cortina Poll Hereford Stud. Bruce was converted to the Angus breed in the nineties when he teamed up with Dennis Power, our current General Manager, and since then has developed one of the finest Angus commercial herds in the country, running across 10,000 hectares of prime grazing in the central west of NSW. 

In 2011 we became interested in Speckle Park cattle after having seen the success the breed was achieving in Canada. Encouraged by our results in feedback trials with first cross steers, we established the Minnamurra Speckle Park Stud to provide top quality genetics for crossing with our existing Angus herd and for the industry at large. Minnamurra Speckles has now grown into the largest purebred Speckle Park herd in the world.

Our philosophy

Breeding for
Quality and Performance

We believe that the quality of any herd is determined by the quality of their females – females need high fertility and maternal traits to calve with ease and raise a live calf every year. If you have good females, then good males will follow. 

We also believe that we are selling to processors what’s under the skin, so delivering carcase traits and meat eating quality is of paramount importance for the commercial cattle producer.


“As an industry participant for almost 40 years I have been fortunate to have dealt with MPC for 22 years and have seen the company grow in size and focus, with a continuous pursuit of quality and success. Business with MPC mostly sees highly satisfied purchasers and customers of store, feeder, slaughter and stud stock. MPC has built an enviable reputation for quality stock that perform very well in commercial situations.”

Andrew Hosken

Industry Livestock Specialist

“Killara Feedlot have been regular repeat buyers of the Minnamurra Pastoral company cattle for a number of years. The exceptional temperament of the cattle provides a terrific platform to allow their cattle to perform to their high genetic capabilities. Well known for their easy doing fleshy nature, the Minnamurra cattle are a pleasure to feed, providing well above average results in regards weight gain in feed and as fed feed conversions. In the chiller the Minnamurra cattle have exceptional carcase attributes in the areas of saleable red meat yield, marbling and weight for age.”

Andrew Talbot

Killara Feedlot

“Over the last few years Minnamurra Pastoral Company have supported Bindaree Beef with supplying cows and good quality MSA cattle in alignment with our Branded beef programs. The cattle are always presented as described, and are suitably matched to the MSA programs. It is a credit to the Company for how well the cattle are handled, and delivered. It’s a pleasure taking delivery of these cattle, knowing how well they will grade”.

Andrew Simmonds

Bindaree Beef

Our Management Team

Dennis Power

General Manager

Dennis is based at ‘Mount Mill’, our Coolah property,
and is responsible for all operation aspects of Minnamurra Pastoral Co, with all our managers responsible to him.

Phone: 0427 734 254
              02 6377 4678

Email: dennis@minnamurra.com.au

Joshua Dixon

Farming Manager

Josh manages all our farming operations at ‘Mount Mill’, our Coolah property.

Phone: 0466 901 165
              0428 056 391

Email: josh@minnamurra.com.au
Mount Mill Property

Robbie Clark

Stud Manager

Robbie manages the Minnamurra Speckle Park herd at ‘Mount Mill’, our Coolah property. He is also principal of the Parvale Speckle Park stud in NZ, which he runs part time.

Phone: 0435 396 012
 Email: robbie@minnamurra.com.au
Mount Mill Property

Glenn Frazer

Farm Manager

Glenn manages ‘Mia Mia’, our property at Purlewaugh, near Coonabarabran.

Phone: 0427 680 616
Email: miamia@minnamurra.com.au
Mia Mia Property

Troy Frazer

Farm Manager

Troy manages manages ‘Cortina’, our property at Wollar, near Mudgee, NSW.

Phone: 0404 859 733
Email: cortina@minnamurra.com.au
Cortina Property

Shane Newton

Farm Manager

Shane manages ‘Ardgour North’, our property at Bundella, NSW. 

Phone: 0432 391 648
Email: ardgour@minnamurra.com.au
Ardgour North Property

Brendan Mackenzie

Stock Manager

Brendan manages our commercial herd on ‘Mount Mill‘, our home base at Coolah, NSW.

Phone: 0409 435 274 
Email: macka@minnamurra.com.au
Mount Mill Property

David Reid


David is based in our Sydney office and is the director of all the Minnamurra Group of companies, including Minnamurra Pastoral Company.

Phone: 02 8299 7400
Email: david@minnamurra.com.au

Mike Garner


Based in our Sydney office, Mike keeps the books for MPC, including accounts payable and accounts receivable.

Phone: 02 8299 7400 
Email: accounts@minnamurra.com.au

PO Box 152, Milsons Point. 1565


We were pleased to purchase Lot 2, Tambourine Man T76 (pictured) by Maungahina Northern Star, which we will use as a cover bull for our sire Maungahina Rising Star in our AI program.
We also purchased Lot 15, Tobruk T16, a Stands Alone son out of the Codiak Unique family. This cross has been so successful in producing standout females in the Minnamurra herd, and we’ll use him as a backup bull for the Stands Alone semen we still have in the can.
Both are standout bulls and have impressive carcase data that will complement our breeding program perfectly.