Our Commercials



Our Angus herd of 1,500 breeding cows ranges freely on the pasturelands around Mudgee. Known for its superb quality, it is based on the great Te Mania bloodline, famous for their high growth rates, easy temperament and high marbling scores. No need for any artificial hormones or growth promotants; just pure pasture raised Angus beef, perfect in tenderness, colour, texture and taste.
Since the inception of the Minnamurra Speckle Stud, these Angus cows have provided the ideal base for the development of our second commercial herd, comprising first and second Speckle/Angus cross cattle. Feedback trials have proved the effectiveness of this cross, and the resulting hybrid vigour is providing a productive edge that translates into an extra 3% to 5% meat yield over the straight Angus.  More importantly from the consumers point of view, the Speckle Park has a breed-unique trait of high intramuscular fat without excess marbling – when cooked this largely dissipates leaving a highly flavoursome, tender and healthy meat to eat. 



Minnamurra has embarked on a breeding program to produce a line of Bos Indicus infused Speckle Park commercial bulls more suited to the climate of the central north of Australia. Our aim is to produce an animal with no more than 10% Bos Indicus genetics, to give a finely coated animal better able to handle the heat and buffalo fly problems of our northern country, yet retaining the do-ability, carcase traits, meat yield and eating quality that is the strength of the Speckle Park breed.
We purchased elite purebred Brangus females at Beef Week 2018 from Telpara Hills Stud; females of no more that 38% Bos Indicus blood with extremely high marbling, eye muscle and maternal figures, which will be flushed to our best sires in a crossing program over the next few years to produce an animal that we hope will find a place in the central parts of our country where the main Australian herd resides.